Prophet Bushiri ask is for offerings during lockdown in South Africa.

Social media has reacted with shock to controversial Prophet Shepherd Bushiri’s video in which he tells his followers to pay their tithes and offerings.

“You are saying it’s a ‘Sunday and I cannot go without my offering’. There’s a church account I’m putting on the screen right now,” Bushiri says in the 27-second video, which is trending on Twitter.

Banking details of the church are seen appearing on the video, as Bushiri implores his followers to give their offerings.

“I want you to put your offering in the church account. Put your seed, put your tithe, don’t hesitate. Don’t listen to the devil. Don’t listen to what people say. Don’t listen to what your man says. Listen to what God says…”

Twitter users were mainly shocked by Bushiri telling his followers, particularly females, to not listen to what their men say and pay their offerings and tithes.

“Did he say don’t listen to what your man is saying?,” asked @Queen_Pardo.

@vittomohlanka tweeted, “”A whole prophet says you shouldn’t listen to your husband, yet the husband is the head of the house according to the Bible… this one doesn’t have compassion. We’re in a middle of a crisis, economy-wise but he’s still milking people.”

@Madumetja_SoLo said, “Bushiri is playing a dangerous game with people’s wives now.”

@Lostris_KT.JNR_3000 said: ” It would’ve have been nice if he donated money not this thing of sucking people’s lives who are about to lose their jobs in a few weeks”.

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One Comment

  • 🚨 MAJOR1🚨

    I watched a video where Prophet Sherpard Bushiri is asking for followers to send offerings…

    So, what is wrong with Major1 asking us to send offerings?

    1. Have we not taken offerings online before these lockdowns and why wasn’t it a problem?

    Who was he asking to offer, I’d assume those who refer to him as their man of God – and maybe they are not aggrieved by that…

    2. When do we send offerings to a church?

    In my bible study an offering is a response to the love we have for God and given most of the times at our home places of worship. So if you go to a church led by Major1 you give there.. VIRUS OR NO VIRUS…

    Tithes are 10% of your blessing – if you got salary during the virus, you must tithe – SIMPLE

    If the church you go to has been having platforms to ensure you are taken care of, you are well and send you sermons while on lockdown, then you can still give – NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT

    ANYONE affected negatively by the virus, maybe lost their job or salary cuts can decide not to give if they don’t have anything to give

    Giving is not force – it’s a choice – decide

    3. What’s wrong with taking an offering during the coronavirus?

    Chances are those complaining even when there was no virus never gave to the church led by Major1 – why are you complaining now…

    Go give to your church or rather don’t give – your choice.


    Churches survive on offerings of those they have been a blessing to…

    Churches have people on payroll – so what are we saying about those?

    Enlightened Christian Gathering Church (ECG) is a modern congregation of Christ – celebrating God through our own TV channel Prophetic channel which needs to keep running.

    If Major1 released a statement that he’s not paying his employees salaries and not run the channel for this month, wouldn’t you be complaining?

    But where is he to get the money from – churches pay salaries from the offerings of their members…

    Leave him alone, it’s not your money he is asking


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