Ruling BDP MP Poslon Majaga Faces Calls To Resign ,After Allegations Of Defilement Emerged Against Him.

BDP Member Of parliament Polson Majaga

The CONTROVERSIAL Mp has faced a calls to step down after a media reports that he defiled under 18 year old girl.

-He should be suspended from the party and all public duty until he has had his day in court.

-Lawyers and Human rights have called for Polson Majaga, the BDP MP, to resign.

Those making the call include Human Rights activist, Gogontle Phaladi, BCP womens Rights activists, Members Of Public, Human Rights Lawyer, Advocate Uyapo Ndadi, acting in his role as a lawyer.

The Opposition is calling for the Botswana Democratic party(BDP) member of parliament to resign over rape and difilement allegations levelled against him.

Botswana Congress Party (BCP) womens Rights activists released a statement condemning ‘the alleged perpetrator of a horrifying crime against a girl child.’

BCP women’s rights activists Says, Protection of the girl child against any form of abuse and violation is the duty of all women’s rights activists. In keeping with this sacrosanct duty we call on the President and the BDP to suspend MP Polson Majaga, the alleged perpetrator of a horrifying crime against a girl child, from all public duty until he has had his day in court.”

Lebohang letsie has called on all members of Parliament to denounce their fellow MP for his alleged crime and ensure that he is suspended from all public duty until he has been cleared by a competent court of law.

“We also call on rank and file members of the BDP to demonstrate their unflinching duty to protection of the girl child by denouncing MP Polo-son Majaha. All fair minded politicians across the political divide should also send a clear message to MP Polo-son Majaga that politics of coscience find sexual crimes against a defenceless girl child extremely distasteful and that he should step aside from all public duty until he clears his name. This is duty of all politicians, no more no less.” Reads BCP women’s rights statement.

Human Rights activist, Gogontle Phaladi says, The MP must step aside until he is cleared. “We cannot be tolerating such irresponsible behaviour from our leaders, if they are cleared they can resume their duties with credibility.” Adds Ms Phaladi.

Ms Phaladi says, This is frustrating because it is becoming a trend. We have had cabinet Ministers admitting to knowing about child abuse/ sexual exploitation and they never said anything but they should have been charged according to Section 25 of the Children’s Act.

“We have had a GBV perpetrator as a Minister managing gender affairs portfolio. Such irresponsible behaviour can no longer be tolerated. We all have a collective responsibility to protect our children.” Points Phaladi.

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