Mp Keorapetse Takes A Swipe At Government For Allowing Someone Whose Results Are Unknown To Get Into the Country.Peoples Daily Paper

Mp Keorapetse Takes A Swipe At Government For Allowing Someone Whose Results Are Unknown To Get Into the Country.

● It was negligent to allow someone whose results are unknown to get into the country, especially from SA, the regional epicenter of COVID-19. It was in fact very reckless!

Member of parliament for Selibe Phikwe West, has taken a swipe at government over its measures to help curb the deadly coronavirus

MP said he disagrees with some of the government’s approach to fight the deadly virus. He believes that Botswana would not have recorded 24th case of the COVID-19 pandemic.

MP Keorapetse has expressed disappointment with government’s slow response in fight  COVID19 , adding that government could have made it a condition for everyone entering the country, including the essential delivery truck drivers, to produce a negative COVI-19 tests results.

Selibe Phikwe legislature says government should not allow anyone to get into the country unless thry have tested negative for deadly corona virus.

“Government should Tighten restrictions at the borders, No one should enter BW unless they’ve tested negative.” Said Keorapetse.


….There’s also a need to fully explain why BW doesn’t have rapid testing capacity, with all these Billions said to have been set aside to procure COVID-19 related materials. After more than a month, where are rapid test kits? What has been procured And from where? Why do we not have rapid testing capacity? Why is it that BW rescinded mass sample/ community testing strategy? Are the reasons related  to non-delivery of important materials by tenderpreneurs? What’s our testing capacity as a country? Someone is failing to do their job and it’s putting all of us in danger.

Dithapelo Keorapetse ‘s made this comment after Botswana confirmed a 24th CORONA case.

This particular adult is a CA Sales truck driver who arrived from South Africa to deliver goods. He stopped and used shops at Fairgrounds including a filling station.

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