Palapye Woman Continues To Heal HIV/AIDS Patients.

Palapye Woman Continues To Heal HIV/AIDS Patients

PALAPYE : A female herbalist in Palapye, Dr Nnuku Gladys Malebo, who is a qualified herbalist registered under United Herbalist Association Botswana, continues to heal Batswana people from surrounding counties and all walks of life.

Nnuku who stays in Palapye extension one made headlines some years ago after she claimed that she has discovered an HIV/AIDS medicinal plant, which she is refusing to show to officials of the Ministry of Health.

In few years back, The Herbalist claims she has a herb which cures various types of cancer, BP, Diabetes and HIV related illnesses.

Over 500 previously HIV positive patients have given their testimonies tht they are now HIV negative.A UB Cell Biologist said the herb has unique curative power, Revelation of the herb came from Badimo.

Nkuku said she is not ready to share her secret with anyone including government. The herbalist said since the medicine which she avails in the form of powder, has passed both scientific and laboratory tests, “I do not see any reason why government would want to have access to the raw plants which I use.”

She fears that should they get access to the plant, “I would be cheated as they would claim it is them who discovered it.” She was shown the medicine by her maternal grandfather. Malebo claims that her herb can cure various types of cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes and HIV/AIDS-related diseases.

She stated that the herb is a cocktail of seven medicinal plants. Malebo harvests the leaves and roots of a plant which she would not share with anyone but prefers to have the herb called ‘Seromobadimo’. She explained that the herb is taken with warm water or could be added to soft porridge and is taken three times a day. It can take you three weeks or up to three months if you are very sick.

She sell Seromobadimo for around P1 500 a packet the size of a small plastic coin bag used by banks. She have assisted people from around the country and from South Africa, Zimbabwe and Namibia.

In February 2014, Malebo exhibited Seromobadimo at the 5th SADC Indigenous Knowledge System Conference in Gaborone.

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