Sophie Lichaba opens up about going to the emergency room during Covid-19-People’s Daily Online

Sophie Lichaba opens up about going to the emergency room during Covid-19

Veteran actress Sophie Ndaba is grateful to be alive, this after a recent visit to the hospital due to high sugar levels.

The star has been open about her struggles with diabetes, which has led to weight loss and many unfounded death rumours on social media.

Her diabetes makes her a high risk during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Sophie has been extra-cautious as the coronavirus continues to spread, and took to Instagram on Sunday to share her gratitude for life and “constant restoration”.

“We woke up today and have survived Covid-19. Some families have lost their loved ones. I’m living with diabetes and most vulnerable to this pandemic. I’m still here. So grateful. But from tomorrow and lockdown level 3, let’s be responsible,” she wrote.

Sophie applauded people fighting the virus on the frontline and said she had seen first hand their hard work after recently being taken to hospital.

“I have seen an emergency room once in this delicate time, and it was just high sugar levels. The doctors, the nurses, the caregivers, the police, the army who daily sacrifice themselves. They all have families who need them too. We pray for you. Thank you.”

She ended her post by reminding followers to “remember the fight is not over” and to “wear your mask”.

She previously said that many South Africans don’t know what it is like to lose half themselves and think it is a joke.

Speaking on “Afternoon Express” this week, the former “Generations” star shared some of the vicious remarks that South Africans had made towards her after she started losing weight while being interviewed by Palesa Tembe.

“I think South Africans don’t realise the pain and the journey of losing half yourself and think it’s a joke”, she said.

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