Shona Ferguson wishes his wonderful wifey Connie a happy 50th birthday

Shona Ferguson is and always has been a super proud hubby who never fails to hype up his wifey Connie – Celebrating her 50th birthday, Shona took to social media to let Connie and the world know just how proud he is of her and just how much he loves her – There is no denying the special bond Shona and Connie share –

Shona Ferguson never misses a moment to gush over his wife Connie, especially not on her 50th birthday. True love is rare these days, but there is no denying Shona and Connie have found it. learnt that the beautiful Connie just turned 50 and her hubby couldn’t be more proud or more in love. Shona and Connie have accomplished a lot in their lives but one of their greatest achievements is their love and family.

Connie is a powerhouse of a women who is fearless in everything she does and that is exactly why she has been able to build an empire. Taking to social media to show his wifey a little love her 50th birthday, Shona shared the cutest picture of Connie along with some heart-warming words. There is no denying Shona’s love for Connie – he is one proud and lucky man! “Happy birthday my LOVE. Whatever you wish, may it be fulfilled. May your life continue to shine and bring hope to many. You are such a blessing to me and our family. I am super proud of you. You are light. You are love. I LOVE YOU. GOD BLESS YOU.”

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