Is the position you occupy in the body of Christ according to the will of God or not? Is the assignment you are doing in the body of Christ truly where you should be?
A Christian needs to discover their true identity in Christ in order to know the role one has to play in the body of Christ.

➡️ Many of us have been saved for many years, yet we do not know our true purpose and role in the body of Christ. They feel a void within them that there is an assignment that they have been born and purposed to perform yet they still do not know their true role. This is so because they have not had a personal encounter with Jesus.

➡️ There are therefore many unfilled destinies because many teachers of the Word, evangelists, pastors, prophets, apostles, bishops, intercessors, worshippers,etc, who are not yet discovered because they do not have a relationship with Jesus Christ. You might just be a Eunice, a Ruth or a Dorcas of this generation but because you do not have a relationship with the Lord , you remain undiscovered.

Your role might be that of Aaron to Moses yet you are still undiscovered. You ought to therefore fight to have a relationship with God and be a new creation in order to play your true role in the body of Christ.

➡️Unless we discover our true identity in Christ, we will continue to pray amiss, we will continue serving in wrong departments and we will continue walking in the wrong lanes.

In order to discover your true identity in Christ, you ought to have a strong personal relationship with God. You have, after all, been blessed with the grace to communicate and reason with God as Scripture rightly says, so, talk to God, ask Him who you are and He will reveal to you. Once you know your role in the body of Christ, your identity will change.
*Abram had an encounter with God and his identity changed to being Abraham, father of nations.

*Saul encountered Jesus and his identity changed. He had been killing, persecuting and imprisoning Christians and after he encountered the Holy one of Israel, his assignment was now to give life and words of comfort and hope, not to persecute people.

*When Jacob encountered an angel of God, he refused to let go and wrestled with Him till He blessed Him.

➡️ Those who have discovered their true identity in Christ become a new creation.
[2Corinthians 5:17]
Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new.]

●When you are submerged in Christ and when your life is hidden in Him, you become a new creation and your identity changes.
●You are also able to have a revelation about who this Messiah is.
●You begin to think differently. Your thoughts change from being of the world and become thoughts of a revelation from God.
●You begin to see things differently:
[1Corinthians 6:17.But he who is joined to the Lord is one spirit with Him.]
●When you are saved and hold on to Him by a personal revelation, your true identity is bound to manifest. Apostle_Makgato


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