SADC Leaders Are turning a blind eye to the unjust an illegitimate use of Military force by President Mnangagwa on the protesting Zimbabwe population.

SADC Leaders Are turning a blind eye.Is the Zimbabwe Crisis Just Another Netflix Series To SADC?

SADC Leaders seem to be turning a blind eye to the unjust an illegitimate use of Military force by President Mnangagwa on the protesting Zimbabwe population. Not even to condemn at the very least.

In a quite surprising move, the Leaders of this organ held a virtual summit on August 4th to speak about among other issues Security with Zimbabwe Chairing the meeting.

This clearly demonstrates how much of unwavering support Harare receives from the Capital’s across the length and breadth of Southern Africa.

If SADC Leaders truly disagreed or atleast condemn the brutality of the Mnangagwa regime on the people of Zimbabwe, they should have swiftly moved to suspend President Mnangagwa to show their displeasure at the ongoing human rights violations through the public beatings, the alleged abductions and torture.

How can they continue with him chairing a meeting on Security when he is clearly violating the rights of Zimbabweans?
Our leaders should be at the forefront of publicly shaming him, to rally the much needed support to effect positive change in especially the light of recent reports that the regime has deployed security agents to track, pick u and interrogate those who spread the message that #ZimbabweanLivesMatter as a way of silencing dissent and to break the momentum of Zimbabweans quest for justice.

To show how much support President Mnangagwa has, on August 5th he was even given airtime on the national broadcaster BTV where he expressed how his regime will work tirelessly to squash these ongoing protests that are sponsored by foreign powers.

This trick from the old dictatorial book no longer works, that of creating a boogie man as the enemy while in truth the enemy of the people being the regime of the day. When they removed the former president to power, they vowed to be different from President Mugabe, to lead Zimbabwe on a course to prosperity.

They have become exactly as cruel as the regime they unseated and probably even worse if you consider their words when they assumed power.

Finally, there was movement from Pretoria as President Cyril Ramaphosa appointed former minister Sydney Mufamadi and former National Assembly Speaker Baleka Mbete to engage with parties in Zimbabwe.

The move is a welcomed one but we are yet to see if it will yield results as often at times special envoys never bring results with long term longevity, they only leave power in the hands of those who have it already.

This is also not the first time Pretoria, as the big brother of the SADC region has sent an envoy to mediate in the struggle of Zimbabwean affairs. Not to jinx the move, we shall wait and see but all we want is for peace to return to Zimbabwe, for the will of the Zimbabwean people to be respected.

Another thing that remains to be seen is the official position of Gaborone on the matter, we already know the deep links that exists between the two countries, but we are yet to see any movement towards condemning the brutal war that is being waged on the Zimbabwean people.

As for us ordinary people who represent no official position, we must continue to support the people of Zimbabwe because governments come and go, but the people remain therefore we should not sit idly by and watch as they are being victimized, let’s keep the #ZimbabweanLivesMatter going until something happens and keep them in our prayers.

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