Botswana Should Set Up a Counter- Terrorism Armed Response Police unit- Former Army Personnel Velly Best Mpopelang Advices


As we have rightly committed ourselves to fight terrorism in Mozambique, it is therefore very important that we learn fast on how to best safeguard our shores incase of attacks from terrorism.

I fully understand that we have law enforcement agencies who contributes to the National Security but we need a special unit which will fall under the Terrorism Fusion Office to specifically be our response force when it comes to dealing with terrorism attacks. Not everyone with a gun can fight or combat terrorism. We need special training and a dedicated trained squad.

This unit will be trained be trained in various skills which can be used against terrorism. They will be selected and recruited based on they can offer, please I’m not saying go tladiwe Masole le mapodise teng. Let the recruitment be fair and transparent. For a starter, those with military and police background will add value but as this unit gains traction, the recruitment shud be opened to all deserving citizens.

Terrorism evolves and it is dynamic because of the changing circumstances around them. They change their tactics, mode of attacks, how they radicalise etc so it is very imperative that we stay ahead for them. This will require a well trained unit which can handle such threats.

The moment a country joins other countries to fight terrorism anywhere in the world, it becomes a target to some of of retaliation hence I’m calling for Botswana to be proactive and be able to deal with such dangers.


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