Japan and Botswana-Japan Announces 34 Million Grants To Botswana


Japan and Botswana signed P34 Million Aid to Botswana in Response to COVID-19

On June 12, the agreement for a grant aid amounting to approximately 34 million pula was signed between the Government of Japan and the Government of the Republic of Botswana.

This grant aid project provides medical equipment worth around 34 million pula in total. The equipment may include portable X-ray, thermographic cameras, and other medical equipment that will support Botswana’s medical environment better and stronger. The provision of much-needed medical equipment is very timely and effective in order to fight against infectious diseases including COVID-19.

Encouraged by the sound measures already implemented by the Government of Botswana in attempt to control COVID-19, the Government of Japan intends to offer as much cooperation as possible in supporting the improvement of Botswana’s health environment and economic recovery.


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