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• Lesego Chimbise is an accomplished editor and cheerleader of writers writing with honesty.
•Co-establishes iReason Publishers with literary giant, Bryan Keitsemang.

Lesego Chimbise is a publishing executive who at various stages of her career was at the right place at the right time, but her rise to prominence has been fuelled by her hard work and big vision.

A law student at the University of Botswana, she’s steadily interested in helping others tell their stories with authenticity. It’s also in UB that she met Bryan Keitsemang, founder of Keitsemang Publications, who became her friend and mentor with whom she shares incredible chemistry both personally and professionally.

Keitsemang gave her insights into the workings of the publishing industry, from where she was able to form the blueprint for her own works.

Over the years, Chimbise has worked with various publishing houses, including Poeticblood Publishers, and her work has impacted lives of thousands of local and international readers. Early this year, Chimbise founded iReason Publishers– a joint venture with bestselling author Bryan Keitsemang, and through iReason, she publishes books that start conversations and entertain an engaged audience.

Chimbise’s successful experiences on the editorial side of the business have direct influence on how she approaches her new position as President and Executive Editor of iReason Publishers. “My first job was as a Managing Editor under Bryan Keitsemang’s leadership,” she explained. “He told me, ‘pay attention to the author, they control the ball’.” Ever since then, Chimbise has realized that “it is clear that authors and books are what drive the success of the publishing business.”

Having edited books like Wiseman Molateng’s The Life I Buried, Goratagaone Ramokgalo’s Life By Design and many more, Lesego Chimbise has positioned herself as a force to be reckoned with in the publishing industry.

In picture: Lesego Chimbise with Bryan Keitsemang
Instagram: ireason_publishers


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