[ OPINION ] Batswana More Likely To Become Targets To Terrorists| The People’s Daily News


Writes Velly Best Mpopelang

As Botswana embarked on a mission to fight terrorism in Mozambique, Botswana citizens are more likely to become targets to terrorists and their associates especially when traveling abroad to countries where terrorism is on the rise.

We can draw our experiences from the likes of UK, US and other countries who participated in war against terror were becoming targets to those groups. So it is very important for DISS to play a crucial role in detecting such threats and advice come up with a strategy on how advising citizens to stay safe while traveling around the region.

Other countries who have experienced this will normally advise their citizens on how to behave and not disclose their identity easily when abroad. They will be advised on what to do incase of a terror attack etc. So this Public education or awareness is very important in saving lives. This is where our intelligence agencies come into place and draw safety measures to safe guard citizens.

We have seen other citizens of other countries becoming potential targets to terror groups and were brutally killed or even held ransom by demanding money by those terrorists so our country has opened a new chapter which we now need informed citizens who can act diligently and not put themselves in danger or others.

This is a new phenomena we are not used to so we need to learn fast and be proactive because we have committed ourselves to fight terrorism in Mozambique something which is commendable and applaudable.


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